Tournament Rules

These rules are base upon those of Fuji Soft ABC, Inc. for the All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament. While aimed at more local/national tournaments they are intended to be compatible with other national rules. Radio Control has not been included in these rules at this time, however where allowed it should be used in the spirit of the original rules and conform to UK Regulations concerning Radio Controlled Equipment.

Chapter 1 Definition of a match

Article 1

A match involves two contestants (one operator per robot can be registered, but may be assisted by their mechanic/team) who start robots that they have made themselves in the Sumo ring ("Dohyo") according to the Game Rules ("Rules"). The contest continues until a ("Yuko") point is scored by one of the contestants. The decision on when a point is scored will be made by the referee.

Chapter 2 Dohyo Specification

Article 2

Definition of the Dohyo interior
The Dohyo interior is defined as the Dohyo area surrounded by and including the border line.

Article 3


Article 4

Dohyo Exterior
The exterior area of a Dohyo extends at least 50 cm from the border line. The color of the exterior can be any color except white. There are no restrictions on the type of material that can be used or the shape of the exterior as long as they do not violate the spirit of the rules.

Chapter 3 Specifications of the robots

Article 5


Article 6

Restrictions on robot design

Chapter 4 Game Principles

Article 7

Game principles

Chapter 5 Game Procedure

Article 8

Beginning of the game

Article 9

End of the game
The match ends when the referee calls the winner.

Article 10

Game canceling and rematches
A match will be canceled or rematched under the following conditions:

Chapter 6 Yuko (effective) points

Article 11

The following conditions are determined as Yuko points:

Chapter 7 Violations and penalties

Article 12

A contestant who takes any of the following actions will receive a warning:

Article 13

Any of the following actions is determined as a violation, and the offender's opponent or both will get a Yuko:

Article 14

Loss by violation
A contestant who takes any of the following actions will lose the game by violation:

Article 15

A contestant who takes any of the following actions will be disqualified and forced to leave the game. A disqualified person will lose the right to enter the Tournament and to receive a commendation:

Chapter 8 Injury and accidents

Article 16

Request for suspension
When a contestant is injured or the robot has an accident, and the game can not be continued, a suspension of maximum five minutes can be requested by the contestant.

Chapter 9 Objections

Article 17

Objections to the referee
No objections to the judgment of the referee can be raised.

Article 18

A contestant who has an objection to the operating Rules must express dissent to the Tournament Committee before the end of the game.

Chapter 10 Specifications of robot markings

Article 19

Robot Identification
Some identifying name or number (as registered in the contest) must be easily readable on the robot's body while the robot is in competition.

Chapter 11 Others

Article 20

Modifications and abolition of the Rules
Modifications or abolition of the Rules are made by the decision of the Tournament Committees.

Discussion, clarification and proposals in relation to the rules can be put forward in the UK Tournament Rules Forum

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