Past Mini Sumo Events

Bannanna vs SORI
For what is still to come you can check out the Calendar or UK and International events topics in the MiniSumo Forum. The main aim here is to give you a flavour of recent events around the UK.


BCU Tech Fest 2011

25th June 2011 brought us Birmingham City University's Tech Fest, this incorporated the UK Micromouse competition and a series of other robotic competitions along side an informal minisumo competition.


UKMM 2010

The Minisumo Group
UK Micromouse was hosted by Midlands Micromouse and Robotics Club at Millennium Point on 26th June. Eight minisumo turning out for the informal competition; it was won by Steath 2.


ROBOtic '09

November 28th saw another in the series of events hosted by Midlands Micromouse and Robotics Club. Proceedings where quite informal with a number of the minisumo not being fully functional.


Rise of the Robots

Rise of the Robots
This was a demonstration event at the National Space Centre, Leicester, on the 17 & 18 May 2008.

While there was a few Daleks running round they didn't choose to compete against Peter Waller's unbeaten Insumountable!

Peter's other minisumo and a pair of SAMrI minisumo from Techbotics helped keep the demonstrations running over the weekend.


20th Antweight World Series

24th June 2006, saw the AWS's first autonomous MiniSumo competition. Proceedings where quite informal, with four scratch built minisumo and one Sumovore competing on a league basis.


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