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This page hopes to capture a variety of MiniSumo around the world and across the internet. If we've missed one either edit this page or drop us a line with a link and details; there are some formatting guidelines at the bottom of the page.

3Kram 3KramEric Ayers' minisumo, based on a Mark III.US Flag
AFM AFM[[AFM|Another Formula MiniSumo}} is a low cost minisumo conforming to the entry level FormulaMiniSumo specification.GB Flag
Aftershock Aftershock is the successor of Shockwave built by Jeffrey Scholz.US Flag
Aragosta Aragosta The Lobster is Mario Ferrari's LEGO MiniSumo built around the LEGOTM RCX brick.IT Flag
Asymmetry Asymmetry Asymmetry a minisumo built by Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin.US Flag
Bill's Bot Bill Sherman's MiniSumo Robot, employing black felt "stealth" technology.US Flag
BibimBot Will Moore's robot with and interesting presentation of his controlsequences.US Flag
Black Marauder Pete Miles' biped MiniSumo, his personal challenge having been told "biped robot can not compete in sumo".US Flag
Blade RunnerBlade RunnerPhil Davis' MiniSumo which was featured in the July and August issues of Nuts & Volts.
Our page on Tyres and Molding contains more info on the custom molding of it's wheels.
US Flag
Bugdozer David Cook's Sumo bot.US Flag
Cherry Blossom Larry Barello's MiniSumo bot, with an interesting chop to the servos used to give more space for the wheels.US Flag
CyclopsCyclopsThis is Galen Raben's MiniSumo, based upon the Mark III chassis kit.US Flag
Delta Force One of Dale Heatherington's MiniSumo robots. Another is ROBOR, an interesting bidirectional 'bot.US Flag
ExSpurtExSpurtThis is Rick Brooks' mini sumo, there are some great build photos and a number of competition video clips.
The tyre molding is covered in this page just note the performance!
US Flag
Flat-SpatFlat-SpatThis great looking mini sumo gets it's looks from a spatula, I guess it's all in the name!
Built by Kelly Small and PAReX winner this mini sumo builds on the sucess of Mini-Spat.
US Flag
G3 A minisumo also known as Viriato, from the University of Salamanca's Robotic Group.ES Flag
Gloom IIGloom IIA modified Solarbotics Sumovore kit built by "Mr Tentacle", Steve Judd. US Flag
GloomierGloomierSteve Judd's scratch built minisumo, following on from his modified kits.US Flag
Godzuki Dennis Clark's MiniSumo bot.US Flag
Goliath vs Solo This is a comparison of two MiniSumo on the website of Portland Area Robotics Society.
Solo was built by Tim Weaver and Goliath by Daryl Sandberg.
US Flag
Happy Jr.Happy JrHappy Jr. is an interesting twist on the wedge style MiniSumo robot and was built by Byon Garrabrant.
His Sumovore Robot kit is called Mr. Happy.
US Flag
HULKThis is Domenco Mancini programable BEAM minisumo.
The circuits are presented here with an explaination of the programable functions.
IT Flag
InsumountableInsumountableInsumountable is Peter Waller's UK Champion, so far unbeaten in competition. The circuit found here and is also used for LowBlow.GB Flag
JSMJSMJoint Strike MiniSumo is a colaboration between builders on our MiniSumo Forum.
An over view is being written on our Wiki with additional detail within the colaboration forum area.
World Map
красный дьявол (Red Devil)Red DevilThis mini sumo, built by Stig Ankjær Pedersen, was the winner of RobotSM in 2007.DK Flag
Land Shark This is Tim Weaver's minisumo. It utilises an interesting strategy of edge following and looking sideways into the ring for the opponent. The aim is to side swipe and avoid heard to head battles.US Flag
Lego Mini Sumo A collection of Dave Hylands' Lego MiniSumo, his first non-lego was Marauder which started as a Mark III kit.CA Flag
Lord NelsonLord NelsonDafydd Walters' MiniSumo using sonar, vision and line sensors to detect the opponent and the perimeter of the ring.GB Flag
Lumberjack (image: Tom Maiden's servo based minisumo using Brandon's Brain board, a standard board from Robotics Club of Missouri.
Placed 3rd in their 2005 competition.
US Flag
Mc-Bot Erwin Meyvaert's servo based minisumo is presented with some simple plans.BE Flag
Minibot Michael Simpson's Build a minibot with the Athena represents a simple guide to building a servo based minisumo.US Flag
Mini-Menace This minisumo is based around some low cost right-angle motor gearboxes and was built by Dennis Millard.US Flag
Мини-Сумо(Mini-Sumo) This is Shulga Alexander's minisumo.UA Flag
MisuOldMisubotThis is Alexander Wiedekind-Klein's first minisumo, formerly known as Misubot, the new Misubot can be seen here.DE Flag
Misuro This is the minisumo designed and built by a team of students at San Diego State University.US Flag
MR1MR1This is the first MiniSumo built by Liviu Budaciu, there are some great pictures here with keys to many of the features.RO Flag
Nemesis Peter Burrows's sleek wedge minisumo. This bot stands out as a personal favorite standing out from all others I found it online. The horns and flop down wedge shape are two of the features that caught my eye.US Flag
PicorPicorThis Turkish competition winner was built by Firat Dede, winning at Bogazici Universtiy Robotics Day.TR Flag
Okuri Dashi Markus Burrer's article on Elektronik Projekt about his minisumo.DE Flag
Police V2Police V2Tom Elner's BEAM MiniSumo, moving on from [[|Police}}, with 'bot improvements and to be more compliant with the rules.GB Flag
Red's Dream / Blue Mike Davey's MiniSumo, a custom and standard Mark III Robot kit.US Flag
Rikishi Joep Suijs' customised Mark III MiniSumo. Winner of the ROBOTMC Open Championship in 2006, gaining second place in 2005.NL Flag
Robert's Mini Sumo Robert Moro's Mini Sumo Tutorial, a neat servo based minisumo with an chassis built from stock aluminium extrusions.NL Flag
RobalRobalThis is mini sumo was built by Jakub Szumacher for the Technicon competition in 2006.PL Flag
Sayonaro SuckerSayonaro SuckerThis is a bit of a development blog on Craig Limber's minisumo robot, a larger image can be found here.CA Flag
ScreechScreechBob Cooks first MiniSumo, based upon the Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox and useing Sharp GP2D120 sensors for oponent detection. His second, Velox, is a modified Mark III.CA Flag
Seeker II Jon Hylands' "next-generation stealth" mini-sumo, other 'bots include Drone and Seeker.CA Flag
Sensory Overload Steven Easley's custom built MiniSumo.US Flag
Shallow BlueShallow BlueThis is Tom Benedict's minisumo, based on a Mark III kit this article describes the changes being made.US Flag
Silver Sumo Nicholas Cogghe's MiniSumo using the IgORE computer board.CA Flag
SKSumo III Kristof Stevens' second MiniSumo, winner of the first Belgium Open Sumo Contest. His first 'bot SKSumo II was built on an MDF chasis which is presented in photos here.BE Flag
SliderSliderPaul Barton's Mini-Sumo with an interesting idea for wheel - HP printer rollers.US Flag
Solo This is Grant McKee's MiniSumo.CA Flag
StampyStampyThis is an interesting minisumo from the Society of Robots website that tries to catch one side of the opponent. It uses a IR ranger mounted on a servo to scan for the opponent.US Flag
StealthSteathTom Light has a lot of interesting information here including another take on tyre moulding.US Flag
Stinger Dave Hylands' low profile MiniSumo.CA Flag
The Thin ManThin ManI think Bob Cook gets just a bit lower with his MiniSumo, The Thin Man. Another inspired construction and worth the look... oh and just 3/4" (19mm) tall!CA Flag
Uludag UniversitesiUludag UniversitesiThis is the website of the robotics group at Uludag University in Turkey. Four robots are featured in pictures and video with little detail.TR Flag
VipunenVipunenThis is Harri Bläuer's MiniSumo, developed to give an alternative platform for programing within Math Classes. There's some detail with PCB layouts on the PICaxe ForumFI Flag
WD2 Wolfgang Geenen's MiniSumo that took part in ROBOTLIGA 2005.DE Flag
WOLFWolfThis is the Build your own MiniSumo guide based on Aleksandr Šeikin MiniSumo, winner of the Baltic Robot Sumo 2009 Autumn Cup.DE Flag

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