Through building robots, the students and public will acquire robotic technology fundamentals and research skills, be given the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity, and learn the joy of engineering.

The aim of Robot Sumo, as described by FUJI SOFT, Inc. on the Offical Robot Sumo webiste.

The official Robot Sumo competitions, run in Japan, use much bigger and heavier robots but the goal is the same - two robots compete, each trying to push the other our of the ring (Dohyo), similar to Japanese Sumo Wrestling.

MiniSumo is adapted from the official rules to give a much smaller lighter robot competition. These robots are just 500g and have a foot print of 100mm by 100mm, idea for home and desktop construction.

The TournamentRules give more detail on the competition specifications, discussion on the rules and running of the competitions can be found on the MiniSumo Forum, including FormulaMiniSumo.

This wiki provides a frame work for collaboration and an joint effort to guide the design and development of robots entering the MiniSumo competition. This portion of MiniSumo.Org.UK is provided as open documentation, where knowledge can be shared and you may read or contribute your own material. While the content grows, and until the pages get linked together better, you'll find the contents of the wiki under PageIndex (links to the right of the wiki pages).

While anyone may read this content authors must be subscribed to the MiniSumo Forum, while user name and password are common login is seperate. We do not want to be exclusive, this measure is intended to allow us to disrupt the antisocial that might seek to deface this resource.

We hope you find this Wiki easy to use but you may want to read the FormattingRules with regard to presenting any page you write or edit. The web-master will be happy to assist editing and formatting, or any other problem related to the website operation.
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