Formula MiniSumo

Revision 0.5 - Draft Concept
Revision 1.0 - 08 Aug 2008 to incorporate the comments from discussion on the MiniSumo Forum.
Revision 1.1 - 18 Jun 2012 to include package variants.

All UK MiniSumo TournamentRules are applicable, this specification provides a number of additional constraints to provide a low-cost frame work for schools and budget builders. While the Formula attempts to be competitive, it limits some of the components used to build the minisumo. We would like to keep this specification stable but discussing is encouraged, with the MiniSumo Forum offering a suitable location.

Inspiration and novel thinking is encouraged, there are no limiting specifications given to chassis, wheel or sensor configuration. Competitive robot should be possible on a £25, or $50, as presented in the formula concept minisumo robots.

Formula Limitations

These limitations have the intended representation of low cost components and a balanced speed torque match between competitions. These items are in common used it Educational and Hobbyist Markets.

#1 This is accepted as the stated nominal voltage of a battery or pack.
  • Un-modified, standard replacement motors are accepted.
  • After-market torque or speed tuned motors are excluded.
  • All standard gear ratios accepted.
#3 These driver ICs must be used to drive motors directly, ie no intervening semi-conductor devices other than snubbing diodes.


There is no restriction on battery technology so that either alkaline or rechargeable can be utilised. The nominal rated value of the package is accepted, eg 9V for PP3, 9V for 6 x AA or 7.4V for a 2 cell li-poly pack. It is acceptable to use separate supplies for drive and control parts of the circuit, neither part may exceed 9V.

Motor Gearbox

Vigor Precision Battery Operated Gear Motors are marketed by a variety of companies. Standard varieties include the MUTR Economy Gear Box (Part Numbers: EW2 ECK6 - 200:1 ratio, EW2 ECK4 - 120:1 ratio), Solarbotics (Part Numbers GM3 - 224:1 ratio, GM9 - 143:1 ratio). Replacement motors are designated FA-130RD-12240 (Solarbotics Part Number RM3)

Motor Driver

These driver ICs have similar performance with regard to voltage drop. Significant differences arise from current capacity and provision of snubbing diodes.

Other Components

The chassis, sensor and controller items are open to user specification.

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